The Partner's Team

Neatness – “the elimination of clutter”

Take excess items out of your home. Anything that is not absolutely essential for your use during your remaining time in your home should be packed, stored, or eliminated.

Many buyers subliminally equate a messy home as a home with problems.

When you are selling your home, your best chance of cooking up a sale…is in the kitchen. For today’s home buyer, the kitchen is typically the most important room in the home…an area where form and function are equally important. Buyers view kitchens as an area where they prepare and share meals, sort mail, pay bills, and generally ‘hang out’.

A major kitchen remodel or updating probably does not make sense when you are getting ready to sell. But you will want to do all you can to make your kitchen neat, clean, sparkly, and generally look its best.

Odors – Even though you have grown used to certain odors, they can torpedo a sale.

When a prospective buyer walks in your door and smells something, even if they cannot identify what it is, they will definitely be turned off.

Repairs and Improvements – Basically freshness, neatness, a clean or pleasing aroma, cleanliness, and all components in good working order are the chief keys to top sales appeal.

Pre-Sales Inspection – Why? If an inspector seconds your opinion that your home is in good condition, then you have an excellent marketing tool to sell your home more quickly, and for a more handsome price. It places confidence in the minds of prospective buyers, who know that they are not jumping into uncertain territory.

Home Warranty –By having a Home Warranty in place, your home will be more marketable. During negotiations, most buyers will request a Home Warranty for the first year. If you already have one in place, it will relieve the additional cost. In addition, you will have protection against costly repair bills at a time when they are least affordable and most inconvenient.

Look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time
and be just as critical as a buyer will be.
Repair what strikes you as the least bit shoddy.
Your ideal goal is to show the property in complete “move-in condition”.