While your Real Estate agent will offer professional assistance, only you can determine your home purchase priorities. Taking the following into account may help you select the right home for you.

What Features are important to you?

Do you have the design of a home in mind, such as traditional, southwest, Tuscan, or modern? What size of the house will fit your needs? Are amenities such as garage space, a pool, or outdoor living space a priority? Is low maintenance or a condo-maintained property a concern?

The Price is right…or is it?

Most Buyers’ first consideration is Price. As you begin to view homes, make sure you can comfortably manage the monthly payment and remember Closing costs and moving expenses.

Location, Location, Location!

Your decision on the neighborhood should depend mainly on your needs and personal preferences. What features and amenities does the community offer that fits your lifestyle? Also, how accessible are significant roadways? How does the cost of municipal taxes compare to similar municipalities?

Condition and Comfort

While a thorough home inspection will reveal the home’s integrity, considerations such as a new roof, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and the efficiency of heating and cooling systems should weigh significantly in your selection of a property.

Does it have Resale Potential?

Since most home-buyers expect to move again someday, resale value should be significant in decision-making. Your Realtor will be able to offer helpful information regarding market trends to assist with your decision.

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