Lots of Fall Family Fun this Weekend!


There’s lots of fun fall and Halloween activities going on this weekend, and we wanted to share them with you. Now that the weather is getting cooler it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Below are some local events going on, as well as information about pumpkin patches.

Fri. 10/24 – Sat. 10/25, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Phoenix Zoo Bring the family and enjoy tricks and treats, animal encounters, magic shows, and a dance party. $10
More Infohttp://phoenixzoo.org/event-items/howl-o-ween/ 
Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/0UhwI

Halloween Spooktacular
Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/25, 5pm-10pm
Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale There will be over 20 hot air balloons, 2,000 pounds of candy, live music, kids zone, vendors, haunted house and much more. Adults $10, kids $5.
More Infohttp://srfballoonfestivals.com/

The Great Pumpkin Festival
Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/26, 8:30pm-3pm
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix Take a hayride to the pumpkin patch, get lost in the maze, visit the petting zoo, enjoy carnival games and much more.
More Infohttp://www.dbg.org/events-exhibitions/the-great-pumpkin-festival

Boo! at the Zoo
Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/26, 9am-5pm
Phoenix Zoo Activities include a “click or treat” photo trail, “stomp and chomp” animal feeding scavenger hunts, and a scarecrow maze.
More Infohttp://phoenixzoo.org/event-items/boo-at-the-zoo/

Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/26, 6pm-12am
The Torch Theatre, Phoenix Experience their fourth year of non-stop improv action with both regional and national talent. $5-$15
More Infohttp://www.thetorchtheatre.com/ghostfest/

Young Frankenstein
Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/26, times vary
Phoenix Theatre Enjoy the musical adapted from Mel Brooks’ classic film. Presented by the Almost Famous Theatre Company. $20
More Infohttp://tickets.phoenixtheatre.com/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=5023

Spooktacular Balloon Festival
Fri. 10/24 – Sat. 10/25, 5pm-10pm
Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale A family-friendly Halloween celebration featuring spooky activities, a haunted house, petting zoo, a spook trail, and trick-or-treating.
More Infohttp://www.hotairballoon.com/Salt-River-Fields-Balloon-Spooktacular/
Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/QVQ3k

Arizona Jazz Festival
Fri. 10/24 – Sun. 10/26, times vary
Arizona Ground Resort, Phoenix Enjoy performances by some of the top contemporary jazz, pop, motown and R&B artists around.
More Infohttp://www.arizonajazzfestival.com/

Zombie Walk
Sat. 10/25, 6pm
Historic Heritage Square, Phoenix Show your zombie-side while enjoying live music, food vendors, and free zombie makeovers.
More Infohttp://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/events/zombie-walk-6-4489790/
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yv8Yk 

Pumpkin Patcheshttp://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org/AZpumpkins.php#listings

Pest Control-Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Pest Control

You’re sitting in your favorite lounge chair in your new home. All of a sudden something creepy goes scurrying across your living room floor! This is not a spooky Halloween story, this is a serious matter that should be dealt with.

As the temperatures get lower you may start to see more unwanted pests in your home. When the weather gets cooler some bugs may be looking for ways into your home for warmth. Spiders and insects are called pests for a reason! Some can be hard to get rid of! Some can bite, some can get into your food, and others are just plain gross and terrifying for some of us. Here’s the best thing to do when you encounter a pest problem.

Compare pest companies in your area. There are many pest companies to choose from, between those that are known nationwide to other local companies as well. Asking neighbors and family is always a good idea when searching for a pest company. Some may be able to get you a discounted rate for referring you, or they may get some incentive for the referral.

These are the main things to consider when looking for a good company.

It’s always a great idea to check for reviews and feedback from those who have already used the pest company you may be looking in to. The best way to check is by searching online, and by finding the company’s social media sites too. By checking these sites you can read what others have to say about the companies. Knowing who you may be dealing with and how hopefully their services are is a plus!

As you narrow your list for pest companies, see what each company has to offer as far as pricing goes. Some companies give discounts to seniors and military. Some companies may only work with long term contracts, while others may offer more lenient pay plans. Always check for added fees, and no bug guarantees as well. Some companies offer a guarantee with their service, if bugs continue to come they will come back and spray again if needed.

Another important thing to watch for is environmental, pet and child safe sprays. If you have pets, children or grandchildren in the house you will want to make sure that it is safe for everyone. Some companies now offer “green” sprays which are non toxic and better for everyone and the environment.

It’s best to spray for insects before you notice them, and to continually spray to keep them out. If you wait until you see lots of insects it may take even longer to get them out of your home. You don’t want to end up temporarily homeless while trying to rid your home of pests.


Home Maintenance from Summer to Winter

Yearly Home Maintenance
While the days may be relatively warm and sunny right now, the transition to fall and winter will soon be upon us. Winter weather can be harsh, and it can also be destructive to your property. From the snow and ice to the frigid temperatures, winter can wreak havoc on a property.

One of the best steps that you can take now while the weather is warm is to restore your roof to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. This effort today will minimize damage that the home may endure throughout the cold months of the year. Here are some steps you can take to winterize your roof before the weather gets colder.

Steps to Take Now

As a homeowner, you can easily take a few steps today to prevent your home from being damaged in the winter months. From the ground level, inspect the home for signs of roof damage. You may notice a few shingles not laying flush on the roof, or you may see that some shingles are missing.

Repair work to the roof should be completed quickly. In addition, you can trim away tree limbs and branches that hang over the roof. These can become heavy with the weight of snow and ice, and they can break entirely or hang low to cause damage to the roof.

You also should clean out your gutters now. When gutters become clogged, they are ineffective at handling snow and ice melt. Cleaning your gutters every spring and fall will ensure they are prepared to handle inclement weather.

When to Call a Professional

Some work on a roof can easily be completed by a homeowner. However, roof work can also be dangerous or difficult. This may be due to the high height of the roof, the steep incline or even the type of work that needs to be completed.

When the work is dangerous or when you believe that you do not have the equipment or skills required to complete the work right, you should call a professional to your home to assist you. You’ll want to call an experienced roofer if you notice leaks or damaged gutters or soft its. These kinds of repairs are critical to properly winterizing your home, and letting a professional handle those means you get a high-quality job.

The integrity of your home’s roof will impact energy efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system, its ability to resist water damage and pest infestation and more. Long before the first snow or ice arrives, it is important for homeowners to assess their roofs for damage and to make repairs as needed. Contact a roofing contractor for an inspection to ensure your roof is winter-ready.

For additional Information Call The Partners Team at 623-544-8577



Why use real estate video?

Shoot Videos for Real EstateIn addition to the research proving that having video and still photography can increase the final sale price of a property, there are other reasons why real estate video is an essential tool for today’s real estate agent.

1. Real estate video Is a 24/7 open house

An open house or scheduled visit are great ways to get potential buyers into your listing. With online video however, your potential buyers can get a preview of the property from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day. It’s a great way to prompt inquiries – “The video looks great, I must see this property when I’m in Barbados nex month!”

2. Motion and Music

Still photos can’t convey motion; waves lapping the shore of a beachfront property, waving palm trees casting shadows over a hammock slung in the shade, monkeys playing on the golf course – all evocative imagery that cannot be communicated as effectively with still photos.

Coupled with the right background music and even narration, the real estate video can convey much more than a list of amenities and property features, which people tend not to focus onwhile researching property sales and rentals online.

3. Search Engine visibility

More and more search engine results these days include links to video – do a search on “how to make banana bread” for example, and the first three results are video links . Having real estate video increases the online visibility of your property, and will do so with increasing frequency as time goes on. Video can also be a way to ‘jump’ the search engine results which can traditionally take some time, and considerable effort, to top.

4. Layout and Location

More so than a series of photos, video can show the proximity of the kitchen to the dining room, the verandah to the pool and so on. Panoramic panning shots can show the master bedroom leading out to the deck with a magnificent ocean view. Again, only slices of these views can be shown with photography.

5. Being progressive

Having real estate video on your website brands you as a progressive realtor who is making best efforts in marketing your clients’ sale or rental property.

5 Places Mold Could Hding in Your Home

Mold in KitchenEven the most aesthetically pleasing homes can have mold issues. A type of fungus that thrives on moisture, mold can trigger symptoms such as itching eyes, asthma attacks and bouts of sneezing or coughing.

As a result of the possible health issues, mold is the sort of problem that should be dealt with prior to listing a home, and people who are in the market to buy a home would do well to have a licensed professional conduct a mold test on any home they’re seriously interested in buying.

What follows is a rundown of five places in the home where mold could be hiding.

The Unwanted Basement Tenant

If climate control measures are not implemented, basements can end up becoming breeding grounds for mold. Most basements get little or no direct sunlight, are often more humid than other areas of the house, and get scant ventilation, which can pose a problem should water somehow get into the basement.

Mold can go undetected for years in such spaces since it can grow behind walls, baseboards and insulation. Fortunately, detecting mold is possible not only by sight, but also by scent. A moldy or musty smell should not be ignored since it could be evidence that there is a mold problem.

The Air Conditioner’s Chilly Reception

Unfortunately, mold can take root in places that people cannot easily access and monitor such as on the inside of their air conditioner units. Mold can grow on the coils and, when moisture enters into the picture, a small problem can become a big one quickly.

People who find themselves coughing or sneezing whenever they turn on their air conditioners ought to be suspicious since mold could be the culprit.

Not On The Kitchen Menu

Leaving leftovers in the fridge for too long can create conditions where mold thrives. The mold can then get into crevices where it will have even more places to grow. The problem can become even more serious if contaminated food and appliances transfer the mold to other areas in the kitchen.

Furthermore, kitchens that are insufficiently ventilated can also have negative implications as far as food safety is concerned,

The Chimney: Where There’s Smoke…

Leaky chimneys can cause mold problems that, if not fixed, may end up infecting other areas of the house. In a leaky chimney, moisture can seep into crevices and create mold areas that may eventually make their way down to the walls. Therefore chimneys that are in need of repair should be fixed promptly so that problems don’t pop up later.

If Walls Could Talk

One of the most common places for mold to form and grow is behind walls. Humid air behind the walls can be problematic, particularly if water finds its way back there as a result of things like flooding.

It’s also possible for mold to form behind wallpaper. People can determine whether or not they have mold behind their walls by having an inspector come in and check.

Mold is no laughing matter. Before listing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to address any mold issues. People who are planning to buy a home should have an inspector conduct a test to ascertain if there are any problems.

Taking the proper steps will help to remedy any mold situation that may be present. Whether you’re looking to sell or looking to buy, the right real estate agent can make all the difference. Call your trusted real estate professional today for more information on how to deal with mold when buying or selling a home.

Getting the News Your Going to be a Grandpa!

This by far is the type of “Feel Good” Stories we all need! Just take the time to watch this brief video, share this blog with your friends and family!

DIY Porject…? Paintings an Easy Way to Add Value

DIY Painting ProjectsWhether you recently moved into a new home or you’re looking for inexpensive updates to spruce-up your existing décor, consider experimenting with color. Paint is the number one do-it-yourself (DIY) project because it’s easy, affordable and instantly refreshes the look of a room. The painting project has become even easier with advances in paint technology and application to save every DIYer time and money.

‘Painting can refresh or change the look and feel of an entire room with a little planning and know-how and for less than $100,’ says remodeling expert and DIY Network host Amy Matthews. ‘However, not everyone knows where to start or how to achieve the look they desire. That’s why preparation is so important.’

Even the most novice DIYer can complete a painting project with great results. This checklist provides everything you need for a perfect paint job, the first time, regardless of skill or experience:

* Painter’s tape. Tape with UV resistance will usually improve results if you are planning on using multiple coats and works well for both smooth and textured surfaces. 3M has recently introduced a new Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape with a paint line protector. The tape helps avoid seepage and ensures clean, crisp lines to give DIYers an edge.

* No-VOC paint. In addition to picking out the right color, select a paint with zero-VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so you can breathe easier and maintain a healthy indoor air quality. Lowe’s is the only national home improvement store to carry zero VOC paint available in any color.

* Paint roller with extension pole, brushes, roller tray and roller covers. For the best finish, use quality brushes. You’ll need two brushes for every project – a small one for painting trim or detailed areas and a large one for covering surfaces quickly. Since most interior paints are water-based, choose a nylon or polyester (synthetic) brush.

* Putty knife or 5-in-1 tool, Spackle and sandpaper

* Gloves, rags and drop cloths

* A level and tape measure if you are planning on different decorative techniques

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to prepare the surface you will be painting:

* Fill cracks and holes with Spackle. Sand after it has dried to make smooth.

* Dust and clean walls with a towel or vacuum cleaner.

* Apply painter’s tape. Pull the tape off the roll a few feet at a time and avoid stretching tape. Secure the tape by pressing down with a putty knife or 5-in-1 tool. Use a credit card if you don’t have one of these.

* If the surface is highly textured, seal the edge of the tape with the existing base color of the wall, as it will prevent paint from seeping under the tape.

Now you are ready to paint. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

* When using a roller, paint in 3-foot by 3-foot sections. Paint in long strokes using a zig-zag pattern for a more even coating. Go back over areas if they look like they aren’t fully covered.

* Always start in the highest areas, so drips can be smoothed as you go.

* Once paint has dried, remove painter’s tape at a 45-degree angle at a moderate speed, pulling the tape back on itself. If the adhesive is sticking to the surface, try a 90-degree angle.

Once the paint has dried and the tape has been removed, assess your work. If you’re satisfied, you can move on to more challenging paint projects with creative applications, such as faux painting or stripes.

Slash Your Electricity Bill When Getting into a New Home

New Homes for Sale in Goodyear AZMoving into your home is an exciting time, and you shouldn’t allow higher than expected electricity bills to dampen your spirits. Every day, households around the world waste large amounts of energy.

If your home uses more energy than it needs to, you are the one that is paying the price. Luckily, there are many ways to make sure your home is running as efficiently as possible. Save yourself from ‘utility shock’ by taking these seven steps.

Make Energy Efficiency Your Electric Company’s Business

When you first move into your home, have your appliances inspected by an authorized technician. You could call your appliance’s manufacturer or the electric company to find someone to inspect your appliances.

If you do find yourself on the phone with the electric company, ask them if they have peak and off-peak hours. Often, there are times throughout the day where usage is at a premium, and the cost is higher than it would be at other times.

You should also ask if they have any tips or resources pertaining to your home’s electrical usage. Electrical companies will often send you literature or an energy saving kit that can help make your home run more energy efficiently.

Get Fresh Furnace Filters And Examine Your Central Air System

When you move into a new home, it’s difficult to know what kind of upkeep the previous owners performed on the furnace. Upon moving into your new home, you should have the filter on your furnace changed and your ducts examined and cleaned.

Do the same for any central cooling systems in the home. This way you’ll feel confident that they are operating properly and producing the best air quality possible.

Wrap And Warm Your Hot Water Tank

The hot water tank is another area where you can save a significant amount of money. Set your hot water tank to a warm setting, instead of a hot one (this makes little difference in the water temperature at your tap, but it will save you money).

You could also purchase an insulating cover for the tank, and wrap the hot water pipes in the home. Insulation for your hot water tank and pipes is a cost-effective solution, and you can find plastic or foam pipe insulators at your local hardware store.

Evaluate The Situation From Windows To Insulation

Check the windows and doors of the home to make sure they are properly insulated. Fresh weather stripping and caulking will keep drafts out in the winter, and cool air in during the summer.

Another way to regulate your home’s temperature is to replace the insulation in your attic. You could also install an attic fan to improve airflow.

A Bright Energy Saving Idea

Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. The cost is only slightly higher, and fluorescent bulbs last over five times as long as incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs give off a softer light, but are bright enough to light your home and will save a significant amount of electricity.

Get Your Windows Working With The Weather

Replace thin curtains with heavier weight window coverings. You can use the sunlight when you need it, and block it out when you don’t. Heavy drapes are also great at keeping warm and cool air in your home. Having high quality window treatments may mean you use your thermostat and light switches less.

Properly Power Down Your Electronics

A surprising amount of the energy our electronics use is wasted while devices are powered down. Electronics that are off but are still plugged directly into an outlet do indeed burn energy. When you set up the electronics in your home, use power strips where you can. Flicking the bar off when electronics are not needed will lead to savings on your electric bill.

Once you have taken these steps, you can feel good knowing you are saving money and being environmentally responsible. Energy efficient handy work and home improvements also qualify for significant tax credits.

Make sure you keep your receipts and invoices, as they could mean cash back in your pocket come tax season. If you decide to take your savings and move up and out, contact a local real estate professional for assistance in finding the perfect place to call home.

2 Bedroom 1.75 Bath Sun City West Homes for Sale close to Del Webb Memorial Hospital near Echo Mesa Golf Club,

Alerting All You Putters..Check Out This ‘Green!’ This Absolutely Gorgeous Home W/Amazing Landscape Has Your Name On It! Spot Lighting T/O Yard & Located On Large Cul-de-sac! Featuring Rich Custom Built in Office, 3 Solar Tubes Offering Cheery Lighting Throughout, 2.5 Car Garage, 2 Hot Water Heaters;1 Being Solar, Custom Interior Colors, Built in Media Wall, Large Enclosed Screened Patio w/Flagstone And Drop Down Shades, Spa On Patio, Much Sought After Walled Backyard For Privacy, Wood Shutters & Blinds & Electric Fireplace Heater.Bathrooms Offer Tile & Gorgeous Talavera Sinks, The Kitchen Features Tile Counter/Back Splash, Repl. D/W, New Disposal’12,Bay In Breakfast Area, Insulation Added (EMS)Reducing Cooling Cost..Immaculate Best Describes
2 Bedroom 1.75 Bath Sun City West Homes for Sale close to Del Webb Memorial Hospital near Echo Mesa Golf Club.

Call Diane Barnes or Polly Brown and come see this beautiful Home for Sale in Sun City!

Current Status in Sun City West Arizona

Here is a local look at the Sun City Arizona. Looking for a quality Del Webb Master Planned Community? As an Active Adult, Sun City lends itself to be a quality destination you might call home.  The Partners Team of Diane Barnes and Polly Brown of ReMax Professional would like to give you some information of the marketplace in Sun City.


You’ll see that Sun City West from a Month to Month sales are UP 3.6%, for the quarter they’re slightly down by 1.6%, but Year over Year, Home Sales in Sun City West are up in excess of 10.3% Year over Year! For a quality area to call home, Sun City West has all of the amenities your heart can desire!  For any questions, please reach out to The Partners Team at 623-544-8577